SAP’s Growth Strategy: Mobile, On-Demand and Analytics | Dr. Harish Kotadia

 Watch SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott detail his company’s organic growth strategy that includes focus on:

  • Business Applications that drive industry
  • On-Demand/Cloud computing
  • In-memory technology
  • Analytics, and
  • Mobile

This is a great growth strategy, but it is equally important for large Enterprise Applications firms such as SAPand Oracle to incorporate in their offering technological tools that foster collaboration, not only within the enterprise (among employees), but outside the enterprise too (between employees and customers/suppliers).

Benefits of effective collaboration in driving down costs, improving productivity and employee engagement/morale cannot be emphasized enough. And in current economic climate where sales growth is hard to come by, higher productivity is the magic mantra. Collaboration among employees, customers and suppliers is the key that can deliver higher productivity organizations have been aiming for.

What do you think about SAP’s Growth Strategy? Shouldn’t Enterprise Applications firms such as SAPand Oracleincorporate in their offering technological tools that foster collaboration? Please do share your thoughts:

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