8 Must Read Blog Posts on Social CRM

Social CRM is a very popular term these days on Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But in spite of all the buzz surrounding the term, there’s lot of confusion as to what it means and how it can help business.

To answer some of the questions, here is a list of eight must read blog posts on Social CRM. Happy Reading!


5 responses to “8 Must Read Blog Posts on Social CRM

  1. Good list with some interesting thoughts regarding social media as a business strategy. I called social media the “wild, wild west” of the Internet in an earlier blog post on the Insider Learning Network: http://tinyurl.com/34ensvyIt's tricky to think of a business strategy that relies on such an uncontrolled medium.

  2. Thanks Scott for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Social Media may resemble the “wild, wild west” and it may seem “uncontrolled” from a company's point of view – but this are the exact reasons we need to have a Social CRM strategy in place – because you cannot control what is being said on Social Media channels, so atleast as a risk mitigation strategy, better engage your customers and prospects.Thanks again for your comment, much appreciated!Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  3. Thanks for the posts!

  4. Thanks @ErikPosthuma for your kind words. Much appreciated!

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  5. Thanks @ErikPosthuma for your kind words. Much appreciated!Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

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