Secret of Ford’s Social Media Success | Dr. Harish Kotadia

Ford Motor Company is among a handful of large corporations with many successful Social Media initiatives. One of Ford’s most successful Social Media initiative is a called The Ford Story. This is a website that aggregates Ford’s social web participation along with what others are saying about Ford’s brands.

Few other examples of successful Social Media initiatives by Ford include Summer of Taurus, and (See this excellent blog post by Lee Odden for more).

To learn more about Ford’s Social Media success, watch this interview by Lee Odden with Scott Monty, Head of Social Media at Ford.

According to Scott, even the CEO of Ford understands how important Social Media is to the success of the company! Scott also emphasized the importance of having a good product, listening to customers and providing them with necessary tools for engagement.

Great advice in my opinion and a success story that other brands should try to emulate.

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