@HKotadia’s Tweets on Social Media and Social CRM: January 7 to 14, 2010

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  1. Sharing is how you build a Brand http://bit.ly/8VHUCs
  2. Why the mobile Web matters for marketing http://bit.ly/55Zw3n
  3. Social Media is the ‘Last Mile’ – Part 2 – The Internal War http://bit.ly/71gM8H
  4. How to Get the Most out of Facebook’s Insights http://bit.ly/4xy2Fk
  5. Facebook staffing up for payments positions http://bit.ly/6J1VbI
  6. Groupon Train is Worth a Small Business Ride http://bit.ly/7lw68D
  7. Use it or lose it! 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Blogging Regular http://bit.ly/5ANQof
  8. Ten Common Mistakes in Web Promotion http://bit.ly/4PqZ80
  9. Andy’s Answers: How UPS protects its brand through social media http://bit.ly/8sRiFJ
  10. What Really Affects Behavior? http://bit.ly/7ug8Xp
  11. Vanksen’s Marketing 2.0 Trends for 2010 http://bit.ly/5TvhMy
  12. Can Social Media Comments Actually Affect Your Credit? Yup. http://bit.ly/5xJ5M2
  13. Americanize This! Google Changing My Search Spelling By Default http://bit.ly/7aUUif
  14. Giving your digital campaigns momentum – the McDonald’s Flavourhood example http://bit.ly/8tpRmk
  15. The Point of Social Media Is the Social, Not the Media – ChicagoNow (blog) http://bit.ly/59XQru
  16. Topic Hubs – How to Effectively Build Relationships with Bloggers http://bit.ly/6mj43F
  17. Cover story: Coke drops campaign sites in favour of social media – New Media Age http://bit.ly/7ndGv6
  18. Text Analytics Becomes More Valuable within Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/7fF78E
  19. 7 Social Media Roles You Haven’t Considered http://bit.ly/8XlmEm
  20. Community Building Tips From Spike Jones http://bit.ly/7MziXr
  21. Google’s real time SEO ranking factors for Twitter http://bit.ly/55PwYu
  22. Facebook Growth Jumps to 350 million Users in 2009 http://bit.ly/7fdPTx
  23. AR Building Lets iPhone Users Read its Thoughts http://bit.ly/5bVfcX
  24. 5 Keys to Your Successful Personal Brand http://bit.ly/5E3a0M
  25. How to react to bad publicity on Facebook http://bit.ly/6EzHl9
  26. 11 Conversion Rate Optimization Lessons Learned in 2009 (and annual moz traffic stats) http://bit.ly/4qzwGw
  27. Luxury Brands Embrace Social Media – Destination CRM http://bit.ly/4MNmcE
  28. Steve Rubel On Digital Trends – BRITE 09 http://bit.ly/5UDdxB
  29. Reply to Facebook Comments via Email http://bit.ly/8FhUM0
  30. 30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business – Inc.com http://bit.ly/50PGLU
  31. Twitter Your Team to Victory – Wall Street Journal http://bit.ly/8pJOsX
  32. Case Study #2: How Lenovo Implemented Customer Service Social Media Best Practices http://bit.ly/8iYW2y
  33. If you do your job right, nobody will ask about social media ROI http://bit.ly/6BDwEW
  34. How WSJ Uses Social Media from Behind a Pay Wall http://bit.ly/6iLWSg
  35. Top 100 PR Blogs: January 2010 http://bit.ly/51gtpe
  36. Customer Engagement: Deepen Relationships with Community Marketing http://bit.ly/5jQju7
  37. Is Your Social Media On A Mission? 3 Questions To Ask http://bit.ly/6vANhG
  38. Google Battles Facebook with Friend Connect Now on Drupal, Joomla http://bit.ly/5bixbu
  39. Social Media Case Study: Vitamin Water’s Newest Flavour Created by Facebook Fans http://bit.ly/5JtwTS
  40. Why social media is a fulltime job http://bit.ly/74gTE9
  41. Social Media Insider: The Social Side Of CES http://bit.ly/6kdB1W
  42. Youth Like Video, Adults Like Photo’s; Social Media Age Differences http://bit.ly/57tNrQ
  43. Where the new customers are. http://bit.ly/5SjXrt
  44. The Marketer’s New Clothes http://bit.ly/8xxhFH
  45. Dropping In: 3 Tips to Survive the Coming Social Media Onslaught http://bit.ly/8bY8wP
  46. Social Media Power Profiles: Is Google In Your Mix? – Search Engine Land (blog) http://bit.ly/68fRpw
  47. How to Increase Your Marketing Force with Simple Inbound Marketing Tactics http://bit.ly/63DLqV
  48. Personal Brands Celebrate! http://bit.ly/4NAnNX
  49. Want to Friend Me on Facebook? Please Use My Public Page or LinkedIn Instead http://bit.ly/4JqR16
  50. Social Media Relationships Influence Buying Behavior http://bit.ly/7tb2bz
  51. 10 Steps to Encouraging Your Customers to Become Evangelists http://bit.ly/8mMXcB
  52. Get Your “Head” Out of Social! http://bit.ly/5J0Rr7
  53. Conversion Metrics for Business Blogging http://bit.ly/7Zp8oH
  54. 5 Social Media Secrets for 2010 http://bit.ly/5TfFEg
  55. A Customer Aware World http://bit.ly/8F7xwh
  56. Tip of the Week: How to Easily Share Docs on Twitter http://bit.ly/89TfIX
  57. The top ten Twitter statistics and analytics tools http://bit.ly/5uYfhV
  58. What you can learn from Mister Splashy Pants http://bit.ly/7O6xmI
  59. The Importance of Boundaries http://bit.ly/6jv9MH
  60. Building Social Bookmarking Networks 101 http://bit.ly/67JCoY
  61. 7 Overlooked Sources of Keyword Data http://bit.ly/7Ala9A
  62. This weeks #Social Media Tweetchat Topic: Socializing My Business – http://bit.ly/791L3r
  63. The Predictive Web http://bit.ly/5OCO71
  64. 9 practical ways to use Google Wave for business http://bit.ly/6N9U5w
  65. Social Media use by Fortune 100 companies http://bit.ly/4EBLRh
  66. 2010: The Rise of Social Media in Asia http://bit.ly/7jraR7
  67. CES 2010: Cool Tech Toys! http://bit.ly/5Y65Va
  68. Panel discussion, Great case studies: What Comes Next in Social Media? http://bit.ly/5SVT4L
  69. How to Back up Your Social Media Accounts http://bit.ly/6DgL3d
  70. How to Write Compelling Social News Headlines http://bit.ly/5CWUgB
  71. 5 Strategies For Improving Employee Involvement in B2B Social Media http://bit.ly/7ltj0O
  72. Disagree With Personal Branding? Read This! http://bit.ly/7Xn1IH
  73. Become a Marketing Superhero in 2010 – Part 3 – Power to the People! http://bit.ly/8B9zN4
  74. Using Search To Prove Social Media’s Value http://bit.ly/6WKpwF
  75. Pepsi’s Super Refreshing Social Play http://bit.ly/4pjmKD
  76. Social media meets the employee handbook – Bizjournals.com http://bit.ly/80eFek
  77. Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics http://bit.ly/4Ulnmv
  78. Beyond the Campaign: Crowdsourcing & Co-Creation with Glaceau http://bit.ly/56Hsgb
  79. Facebook boss: Privacy no longer a social norm http://bit.ly/6wvAde
  80. Social Media News Aggregation via Twitter http://bit.ly/6XdkAj
  81. YouTube video lands $30M Hollywood deal! http://bit.ly/75aFe2
  82. The 5 types of social currency by @stevesponder http://bit.ly/6eMhpD
  83. Jonathan Dodd: New media rewriting marketing theory – New Zealand Herald http://bit.ly/8slm7H
  84. Don’t Lose Your Social Media Joy http://bit.ly/8L4ExT
  85. The Crystal Ball of Technology http://bit.ly/7fKFD0
  86. Indonesia: Where Blackberry beats iPhone http://bit.ly/50pFmg
  87. Social Milestone » Blog Archive » San Francisco Earthquakes Get Their Own Geolocated Twitter.. http://bit.ly/6TNa6x
  88. Understand Your Twitter Followers With Ad.ly! http://bit.ly/5Mmo2H
  89. Matrix: Breakdown of Advocacy Marketing http://bit.ly/53gonI
  90. Social Media ROI Comes From IOR http://bit.ly/6R8hUP
  91. Breaking A Goal Into Metrics http://bit.ly/5UouSj
  92. Airline Social Media Strategies Vary – Aviation Week http://bit.ly/7FV9yU
  93. SMB’s Must Remember the Relationship Above All Else http://bit.ly/5JVx94
  94. The Confluence of Social and Search http://bit.ly/7BrEfk
  95. Google Local Storm is Brewing http://bit.ly/6e74Tn
  96. CRM and Social Media are totally separate topics…What the…!? – Automotive Digital Marketing … http://bit.ly/6TkKpq
  97. Reputation management tactics http://bit.ly/7Fm5aE
  98. How will you manage social media customer engagement in 2010? http://bit.ly/4NZamW
  99. Updating The Engagement Marketing Definition http://bit.ly/6zhuVw
  100. Social Media in Asia, excellent info by @ThomasCrampton http://bit.ly/7jraR7
  101. Smartphones as a marketing medium: are we there yet? http://bit.ly/710s15
  102. CES 2010 & Digital Hollywood – Gambling on Mobile & Social Media http://bit.ly/7IZ0P4
  103. 30 Fast Life SEO Tactics/Techniques for 2010 http://bit.ly/5VCbu0
  104. 5 Trends In Digital Marketing http://bit.ly/5AOMGf
  105. This Year, Say Yes to Saying No http://bit.ly/8AZ7wl
  106. Use social media to BUILD YOUR TRIBE – Milwaukee Small Business Times http://bit.ly/8JwYMf
  107. Starting 2010 with a flourish: Jive acquires Filtrbox http://bit.ly/6IJUko
  108. Case Study #1: How ACT! by Sage Software Transformed the Customer Experience By Social Media http://bit.ly/6rlgIM
  109. Has The Social Meteor Hit You? http://bit.ly/7OGJtR
  110. FastPencil for budding authors http://bit.ly/6LE9iL
  111. Employees Are Social Media Marketers http://bit.ly/8VdNRL
  112. The Importance Of Being Earnest With Your Content http://bit.ly/817Pfy
  113. 5 Online Marketing Resolutions for 2010 http://bit.ly/7flFLI
  114. The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers http://bit.ly/4zPIVg
  115. Japanese social networking – it’s all mobile http://bit.ly/51CATI
  116. How Twitter, Posterous & Friends Make the World Safe for Pedestrians (or: “Still Think T.. http://bit.ly/85drul
  117. 2010 Has Started Off Fast http://bit.ly/8bzvuL
  118. Newswires Moving To “Performance-based” Pricing? Not So Fast http://bit.ly/4RCZpy
  119. LinkedIn Search Optimization (LSO) Critical for B2B Marketers http://bit.ly/823zsp
  120. Logical Shifts in “Social” for 2010 http://bit.ly/4pr9aG
  121. How to follow the CES action via the Social Web http://bit.ly/7slUfu
  122. Local PPC: Google AdWords GeoAttribution Is Inaccurate http://bit.ly/7WBb1d
  123. Jive Software Acquires Social Media Monitoring Startup Filtrbox http://bit.ly/6tvlKw
  124. Social Media and the Future of Sports http://bit.ly/5v1eDH
  125. Social web involvement http://bit.ly/8thhAs
  126. Chasing Social Media Results? http://bit.ly/8WyL0a
  127. Tweetups & suggestion for Twtvite http://bit.ly/4rahXs
  128. 10 Search Engines Powered by Twitter http://bit.ly/5ZTooo
  129. Need To Build A Community? Learn From Threadless http://bit.ly/8GnKDp
  130. Consistency – The Key To Successful Blogging http://bit.ly/4QfBoY
  131. Fire your social media manager http://bit.ly/4xtiKE
  132. How to Quickly Check Tweets Related to Any Web Page http://bit.ly/8AhoG2

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