@HKotadia’s Tweets on Social Media and Social CRM: January 1 to 6, 2010

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  1. Top 50 Facebook Pages http://bit.ly/5cXXGS
  2. Join the discussion: Is 2010 Year of Social CRM? http://bit.ly/5JG7cB
  3. 10 social sites to start your year off with http://bit.ly/92SN3L
  4. Hyperlocal Being Targeted by M&A and VC Crowd http://bit.ly/5nNlkg
  5. A twitter mash up that shows you where and how hard it is snowing http://bit.ly/58XPui
  6. Being vs. Using “Social” Creates ROI http://bit.ly/5q1a1U
  7. Simple Steps to Creating Custom Social Landing Pages and Social Emails http://bit.ly/8zc7zL
  8. Japan’s Prime Minister engages with the public using social media http://bit.ly/92OfvH
  9. New Year’s Social Media Resolutions http://bit.ly/6Vte8N
  10. Top 50 Facebook Pages http://bit.ly/4Kn9Rk
  11. Join the discussion: Is 2010 Year of Social CRM? http://bit.ly/5JG7cB
  12. Engagement Through Customer Service http://bit.ly/4yLRfX
  13. Social Media Monitoring Research Process http://bit.ly/6Z1rAp
  14. Case Study #5: How Intel Uses Social Media to Transform The Way They Do Business http://bit.ly/5tcfkB
  15. Soul of a New Business http://bit.ly/4GLzq7
  16. Will Google Wave be the stand-out collaboration success of 2010? http://bit.ly/8McbRn
  17. The 2010 Social Media Marketing Ecosystem http://bit.ly/5POcSB
  18. Job Boards And Their New Role in Your “Social” Job Search http://bit.ly/6EwJkq
  19. B2B Social Media Lessons From Domino’s “Pizza Turnaround” Campaign http://bit.ly/849D9X
  20. Top 50 Facebook Pages http://bit.ly/5cXXGS
  21. Social Media in 2010 – Aggregation, Segmentation and Specialization http://bit.ly/7edir9
  22. Five things you need to do online in 2010 http://bit.ly/7pRDTF
  23. How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page & Get Lots of Fans http://bit.ly/4qkqQe
  24. Social CRM is the business strategy of engaging customers. What do u think? http://bit.ly/5JG7cB
  25. Impact of Social Media on Divorce rate: http://bit.ly/4n58CZ
  26. Top 50 Facebook Pages http://bit.ly/5cXXGS
  27. How One Mid-Sized Business is Using Social Media to Build Awareness and Increase Sales http://bit.ly/7AP96x
  28. 5 Top Email Marketing Tactics for 2010 http://bit.ly/8TFEnK
  29. Social “Intentions” are Transparent! http://bit.ly/7RvQ4s
  30. IKEA Foregoes Banners for Free Facebook Love http://bit.ly/91Ncpd
  31. What Is Engagement And How To We Measure It? http://bit.ly/8Fzfpl
  32. Seeing Customers as Partners in Invention http://bit.ly/6B2exT
  33. 3 Helpful B2B 2010 Social Media Predictions http://bit.ly/7nwT9v
  34. 2010: Year of Social CRM http://bit.ly/5JG7cB
  35. Social Media Site with a twist. You pay up if you don’t Stickk to your commitment. http://bit.ly/4z4jUc
  36. Those who understand Social Media don’t talk about ROI http://bit.ly/8qSIKB
  37. Why NOW is the time to invest in Social CRM http://bit.ly/87wt5g
  38. Tiger Woods, Brand Crisis and Social Media http://bit.ly/5LHNuV
  39. When it comes to Social Media, CEOs and CMOs should lead from front http://bit.ly/520YHc
  40. Dear CMOs, Wake up to Social Media challenge http://bit.ly/4UH2wd
  41. What is Social CRM and why it is important http://bit.ly/6GTVhc
  42. How Dell measures Twitter ROI http://bit.ly/5AS9gG
  43. Did U Know: 1 in 5 divorce papers cite Facebook. http://bit.ly/4n58CZ
  44. Thrilling potential of SixthSense technology http://bit.ly/8hIplt
  45. Blogging as an Exercise of the Brain http://bit.ly/50oRnJ

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