@HKotadia’s Tweets on Social Media and Social CRM on December 23, 2009

  1. Panel Discussion: Implications of Social Media to business http://bit.ly/6zzLLF
  2. Social Media & The Impact on Corporate Governance http://bit.ly/7t4BlQ
  3. Twitter Economics http://bit.ly/7t23sP
  4. Business Process Professionals Crave Business/IT Partnership, Process Frameworks, Skills Dev.. http://bit.ly/5JluVM
  5. Year-End Thoughts On Social Media, Social Networking Social Analytics http://bit.ly/4KaPkO
  6. Social Media Implications For Brands In 2010 http://bit.ly/6ShiQQ
  7. Social Media: Platform or Provocation for Innovation? http://bit.ly/6zzLLF
  8. What are people saying about… Eurostar? http://bit.ly/8SzTSw
  9. Social Media: It’s Not The Steps, It’s The Connection http://bit.ly/6fIEnA
  10. The Truth About Facebook’s New Privacy Settings http://bit.ly/6r2Z7Q
  11. Does a blog influence buying behaviour? http://bit.ly/65OS0c
  12. The Evolution of Collaborative Innovation http://bit.ly/8wEWQw
  13. Five Ways to Create Driven Media News the Kim Kardashian Way http://bit.ly/7kbikG
  14. How To Drive Business Leads With Question & Answer Forums http://bit.ly/8yqSve
  15. Best of 2009: Econsultancy interviews http://bit.ly/79u8rO
  16. Decoding Avatar http://bit.ly/7qA445
  17. How Dell measures Twitter ROI http://bit.ly/5AS9gG
  18. YouTube Wades Into The Crowded URL Shortening Space http://bit.ly/8FEAG7
  19. Business Wire Adds Mobile, SEO & Social Features http://bit.ly/5i8hiP
  20. Tools Can Be Strategic http://bit.ly/6thTCW

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