@HKotadia’s Tweets on Social Media and Social CRM on December 21, 2009

  1. Off The Wall: A New Social Commerce Experiment On Facebook http://bit.ly/5XmPvJ
  2. Eight big ambitions every marketer must have in 2010 http://bit.ly/77tQPG
  3. The Best of Inc. Magazine, 2009 http://bit.ly/8u0Dx4
  4. Paid Advertising in Social Media: YouTube Promoted Videos http://bit.ly/8BNscM
  5. Social Media: Hype or Real? http://bit.ly/6uPO3N
  6. Top 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years in Business Social Media http://bit.ly/6kLzz5
  7. How to Create Your Nonprofit Organization’s Listening and Engagement System with Social Media http://bit.ly/63gmVp
  8. Can Social Media Penetrate The Exec Suite? http://bit.ly/4K6TZK
  9. The Business Value Of Engagement Marketing http://bit.ly/54NZI2
  10. PPC-Advice.com Best Posts of 2009 http://bit.ly/5PzCVr
  11. Six Ways To Silo-Bust Your Communications http://bit.ly/63vALo
  12. Real-time search: 4 questions that deserve answers http://bit.ly/6JHvhx
  13. More On The Science of Sharing From ShareThis http://bit.ly/4KqmiU
  14. Social media as a crisis management tool http://bit.ly/6tcKxF
  15. The threat of SEO to the real-time web http://bit.ly/5jmaYu
  16. 10 SEO Tools I Use That Are Free http://bit.ly/6POy9y
  17. Strategic Principles for Enterprise 2.0 Implementation http://bit.ly/4YH8m2
  18. McKinsey: Rising power of Social Media in China http://bit.ly/7OClAE
  19. What Lessons Will Pepsi Learn About Crowdsourcing for Social Good from Chase Bank Contest Fail? http://bit.ly/7GyusH
  20. Social Media and Tribalization of Business http://bit.ly/4vrC1P

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