@HKotadia's Tweets on Social Media and Social CRM on December 20, 2009

  1. Social Media and Employee Engagement: Case Studies http://bit.ly/4KN1lh
  2. What drives Company valuation in Social Media? http://bit.ly/6sTD4l
  3. How To Tweet Using Different Browsers http://bit.ly/4zJKNp #sCRM
  4. Twitter, Traffic, Trends And More: The 9 Coolest Social Media Maps http://bit.ly/8IUXBt
  5. What drives Company valuation in Social Media? http://bit.ly/6sTD4l
  6. Earned Media Is Fueled By Engagement Marketing http://bit.ly/5eWhR6
  7. How to prevent your own “Eurostar moment” http://bit.ly/8Sx4jP
  8. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Operationalize Social Media http://bit.ly/57FhJI
  9. The Social Media Vacuum http://bit.ly/5pH1JX
  10. Social Media and Tribalization of Business http://bit.ly/4vrC1P
  11. In search of customer intimacy http://bit.ly/7kbHzS
  12. It it weren’t a serious matter, it would be a farce http://bit.ly/4pkCBW
  13. Online Media Landscape 3.0 http://bit.ly/4ZA27X
  14. Harris adds social media data to flagship opinion poll http://bit.ly/86ARVk
  15. Arts and social networking – Baltimore Sun http://bit.ly/7WXOGw
  16. Why NOW is the time to invest in Social CRM http://bit.ly/87wt5g
  17. Retailers using social media to score last-minute shoppers http://bit.ly/7W4hf6
  18. Co-creation of New Products: Case Study http://bit.ly/5NxAIO
  19. See world saying GoodMorning! on Twitter: http://bit.ly/5aVGqG
  20. How to make a splash in Social Media http://bit.ly/6nsC1E
  21. A note about today’s Eurostar crisis http://bit.ly/4Q5eYI
  22. Google and Yelp: A delicious blend http://bit.ly/6sTD4l

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