HKotadia’s Tweets on December 19, 2009

  1. MarCom Professional – too high barrier to entry
  2. ‘Operation Chokehold’ shows the social media mob has influence – BetaNews

  3. Influencers work; workers influence. I thank you all for yours.

  4. Social Media: Saatchi’s Screw Up

  5. Social Media and Employee Engagement: Case Studies

  6. Pepsi Breaks 23-Year Super Bowl Ad Streak to Invest in Online Community

  7. Sponsored Tweets from Add Analytics

  8. Poll: CPGs Still Social Media ‘Wall Flowers’ – MediaPost Publications

  9. Bringing Social Media ROI into Sharper Focus – IT Business Edge (blog)

  10. Let’s Try to Find All 200 Parameters in Google Algorithm

  11. Yourl Very Own Branded Link Shortener

  12. Southwest Loses Its Social Media Guru, All Eyes on the Transition – BNET

  13. The Critical Mass Of Listening

  14. Never, Ever Ignore Bad Comments In Social Media

  15. How to Be A More Productive Blogger [And Add 37 Minutes to Every Hour!]

  16. A New Source of Stress: Feelings of Social Media Inadequacy

  17. British Airways, I hope you were listening

  18. Uncorks iPhone App

  19. Data Analytics, The New Marketing Engine

  20. Enterprise 2.0: Paradigm Shift or Incremental Change?


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