HKotadia’s Tweets on December 16, 2009

  1. Social Media Tips To Energize Webinars
  2. Social Media ROI for Dummies
  3. The problem with social success
  4. What I’ve Learned About Corporate Blogging
  5. Why NOW is the time to invest in Social CRM
  6. See world saying GoodMorning! on Twitter:
  7. Chinese Government To Police Social Games
  8. Your credit card is tweeting
  9. A Pinch of Social Media Makes a Helluva Broth
  10. What Marketers Should Know About Spam in the Google Index
  11. The Future of Interactive Marketing
  12. 5 Ways to Expand B2B Blogging Beyond the Marketing Staff
  13. Make 2010 your best year ever – 8 simple ideas!
  14. Creating Social Media Value: Part 1
  15. Selling Your Product By Selling Someone Else’s
  16. Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation
  17. Big brands turn to small blog houses for big results
  18. Eight cool social media infographics
  19. Social Media and Red balloons
  20. Social Media Crisis Management: Don’t be caught napping
  21. 7 New Marketing Tips for your Organization
  22. Condom Mob: Everyone In The Rubber!
  23. @ChrisBrogan @SteveRubel @BrianSolis in Paris discussing #SocialMedia
  24. Brand Advocacy and Social Media
  25. Co-creation of New Products: Del Monte Case Study
  26. Great infographic: Land Mass and Population by Country
  27. @PRWeb published free access to their best webinars of 2009:
  28. 8 Predictions for SEO in 2010
  29. Gaining internal support for social media
  30. 11 B2B Social Media Predictions For 2010
  31. Online Media Daily: Mountain Dew Crowd Sources Product Design
  32. Social network search terms top Hitwise list for 4th straight year
  33. How Social Could Disrupt Search
  34. As social networking goes public, will users stop sharing?
  35. What We Learned in Social Advertising in 2009
  36. 5 Business Benefits of Twitter’s New Feature ‘Contributors’ (Launching Soon!)
  37. Why Pro & Twitter Contributors is great news for large publishers
  38. Are URL Shorteners & Social Media Sharing Messing Up Statistics?
  39. iPhone Users, Get Ready for Flash Games
  40. The Amazing Facebook Proves its Place in 2009
  41. How Twitter will impact health care in 2010
  42. Why do Enterprise 2.0 Market Predictions Vary so Greatly?

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