HKotadia’s Tweets on December 11, 2009

  1. Visual Social Media Statistics
  2. Nokia’s Brilliant New Campaign Focuses on Connectedness
  3. Seth Godin on Blogging and Social Networking
  4. Notice #funny pic this pst of “Dehydrated water Tin” Snake-Oil Salesmen?
  5. Social-Media Experts: Snake-Oil Salesmen?
  6. Search Analytics Recap from SES Chicago 2009
  7. Social Media Charlatans, Certification, and who are the Experts?
  8. Social Media and Tribalization of Business
  9. Chris Brogan, Brian Solis in Paris discussing Social Media
  10. Collaboration in the 2.0 Enterprise
  11. Who Will Drive Chrysler’s Interactive & Social?
  12. The Triad of Social Media
  13. Guest Post: Tom Cummings on how marketers are using Twitter
  14. How To: Manage Your Social Media Time
  15. Top 100 PR Websites and Resources of 2009 [Part I]
  16. My (Virtual) Review of #LeWeb ’09
  17. The Magical Metrics Tour: Demystifying the secrets behind analytical “tricks”
  18. Government and Social Media: Is There a Way Out of the Trough of Disillusionment?
  19. Hal Thomas: How A Tweet Scored One Man A New Job
  20. Farewell, Editor & Publisher: How Many Canaries Can You Ignore?
  21. RT @kitson: #socialmedia just $716M of total $25B Spend Heading To Interactive
  22. Augmented Reality Marketing
  23. Death of a Salesman, Starring Tiger Woods
  24. 80%+ of video users leave if there is a glitch and other stats
  25. ADDED to Social CRM Wiki: WOMMA’s Case Study Library
  26. A Shift In Security & Risk Research
  27. Which “End” of Social Media Are You?
  28. Those who understand Social Media don’t talk about ROI
  29. The Franchise And Social Media: SME-TV With Ruby Tuesday
  30. Video: CDC’s Twitter story and Social Media Initiatives
  31. Seth Godin on Blogging and Social Networking
  32. Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Steve Rubel in Paris discussing Social Media
  33. TV brands and social media: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  34. Is Posterous ready for Corporate Blogging?
  35. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Change Management Efforts and Results
  36. CDC’s Social Media Initiatives

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